Manuscripts / Documents


The Cid documents

The 10 documents in this publication feature Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar – better known as El Cid – as the main protagonist and, in some of them, El Cid appears as a donor of goods to the church.



Letter Puebla de Ciudad Real

The founding of Villa-Real and the Carta Puebla. The original document of the Carta Puebla is held in the archives at the Ciudad Real Town Hall. De cómo el rey don Alfonso X el Sabio fizo a Villa-Real é la pobló yendo camino de la frontera.


General Hospital of Valencia

This historic document has been produced to commemorate the fifth centenary of the General Hospital of Valencia in its service to society as a leading provider of public health. It is also intended to give tribute and recognition to those who significantly contributed to imbuing the institution with life, science and fame.


Homilies d’Organyà

The Homilies of Organyà are considered to be the first literary text written in Catalan and also the first known translation between Romance vernacular languages.


Act of the Court of Cervera

The Cortes Catalanas that met in Cervera in 1359 instituted a permanent body to collect and administer taxes, the Diputació del General. This delegate body of the Courts would later become known as the Generalitat.



The Guitard Isarn Grievance

These are a legal document: It is a brief of the transgressions of feudal rights. In this document, Guitard Isarn, lord of Caboet, demands reparation of affronts and harm inflicted upon him by his vassals.


The Greco. His life, his work


El Greco has constantly been studied by universal historiography in hundreds of studies and is considered one of the all-time grand masters of painting.


Jacinto Verdaguer. La Atlántida and Canigó

La Atlántida and Canigó represent the epic skyline of Verdaguer. In the first case, the aim was focused to create a great poem that gave meaning, dignity and coherence to a literature that was being reborn.