About us

Millennium Liber was created in 2003 with the desire, the enthusiasm and the commitment to retrieve human memory and history through exquisitely reproduced facsimile editions.

Rescuing from the mists of time manuscripts, incunabula and unique ancient books that form part of our World Heritage and are held in national libraries, private libraries, foundations, archive collections and monasteries, each of these facsimile editions is accompanied by a detailed study guide created by eminent specialists in each subject, which explains the work.

Reproduced with complete perfection from the originals, these works are real gems, not only for their contents but also for the quality of their paintings and illuminations and the richness of their bindings. We aim to bring these true treasures to lovers and students of art, and to the general public the world over. Vox audita perit, litera scripta manet. The written word remains. We aim to show this through our publications.