Beatus of Liébana "Berlin Codex"

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Dating back to the early 12th century and probably compiled in Italy, this codex is one of the lesser known testimonies of this type. In its time, the manuscript belonged to the collection of Carlo Morbio of Milan, and it consists of 98 folios with 55 feather-pen drawings enriched with pigments of red, ochre and yellow hues.

The illustrations are one of the major attractions of this work, since they include an archaic and unusual version of the iconography mostly found in other testimonies in the series, making this manuscript a rare and precious object for bibliophiles.

Original (11 th – 12 th C.) housed in the Berlin Library.

Format of the work: 30 x 19.5 cm.

196 pages with text in two columns and 44 lines in Caroline and Beneventan script.

Bound in leather on board.

Special, aged parchment paper.

Hand sewn, collated and folded.

Unique limited edition of 995 copies, certified and numbered before a notary.

Study volume of historical, artistic and palaeographical value.

Presented in a stylish case.