Singular, beautifully made work, created by Le Myèsier, with twelve full-page miniatures were the life and doctrine of Ramon Llull is captured

Herrenalb Cistercian Prayer Book

This codex from the medieval Herrenalber monastery, dated 1484, constitutes an excellent example of a prayer book


Sólo hay que tener en cuenta su apodo «El Divino» para acercarnos a imaginar el valor que se le otorgaba a Michelangelo por parte de sus contemporáneos, y no digamos actualmente

Raffaello Sanzio

There is unanimity, among scholars and art critics, in considering Raffaello Sanzio a true genius of painting and who best represented the perfection of classicism

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New to Millennium Liber? We have been in the market for facsimiles, sculpture and art in general for 20 years. Years that have served us to perfect ourselves and create the most faithful facísimiles to their originals.