Aurora Consurgens

Manuscript kept in the Berlin State Library containing a medieval alchemical treatise. A beautiful work from the southwest of Germany, from the beginning of the 16th century, fully Renaissance regarding its thirty full-page illustrations.


The Holy Family

Escultura en bronce de Manolo Rodríguez Vázquez en homenaje a La Sagrada Familia.

The Creative Universe of Antoni Gaudi

Tribute to Antoni Gaudí, a well-known internationally recognized Catalan architect, with the attractive plastic works of the artist Aurelio Milera Fernández Aragoneses and the texts of Mr. Luís Gueilburt Talmazán.


The year 1492 was a key year for Spain. Two important events took place on this date: the Jewish communities were expelled from the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon and Christopher Columbus signed an agreement with the monarchs to discover the Americas.


Singular, beautifully made work, created by Le Myèsier, with twelve full-page miniatures were the life and doctrine of Ramon Llull is captured

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