About us

Millennium Liber was born in 2002 with the desire, illusion and commitment to recover the historical and humanistic memory.

Millennium Liber is a private cultural initiative aimed at high-end collectors. It was born in 2003 with the desire and commitment to offer careful plastic works to lovers of beauty, art and a job well done, recovering historical and humanistic memory through careful facsimile editions.

Our goal is to bring illuminated codices, unique incunabula and ancient books that belong to the World Heritage to the present. Treasures from another time that, thanks to our exquisite work, can be contemplated, browsed and caressed. A gift for the senses and an investment for the future, which our loved ones will appreciate as part of the family legacy.

To satisfy the most demanding tastes, we surround ourselves with a large team of researchers, bibliophiles, historians, master craftsmen, plastic artists and professional photographers from the world of collecting, university, art and business, both Spanish and foreign.

Likewise, we work closely with national and international museums, libraries, archives and cultural foundations, such as the prestigious National Library of Spain, the Archive of the Crown of Aragon, the National Historical Archive, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, the Staatsbibliothek zü Berlin, the Badische Landesbibliothek Karlsruhe, the Bibliothèque de l´Université de Genève, the Lázaro Galdiano Foundation, the Episcopal Library of Vic, the Diocesan Library of Mallorca, municipal Historical Archives, etc.

 For these entities, outstanding in the world, our facsimiles offer a security guarantee and are a way of disclosing the jewels of their funds, since in addition to allowing everyone to have access to an exact copy of the original document, they do not risk to it being stolen or deteriorating with the inexorable passage of time.

In order to better enjoy our careful products, we strive to ensure that they are faithful reproductions of unique historical objects, made with noble materials, treated with care and in which we try to evoke the smallest of details. The editions are limited and are certified and numbered with a notarial deed.

In addition, we accompany each of our facsimiles with a study book commissioned from the best specialists in each field. To bring them closer to the general public, we offer versions in Spanish, English, French, German and Italian.

Some texts that evoke the context in which they were written, printed and illustrated; the personality of its authors; the message they wanted to convey to us; the wonder of his art and even the aura that surrounded his spirit or the fame that refines his memory.

For years, we have also offered a select catalog of engravings, sculptures and medals that bring us closer to famous people, without whom current affairs cannot be understood and that form part of our most intimate sentimental heritage.

In short, sublime pieces of the past that are projected onto the present and give off a desire to remain in the future. All this for the pleasure of those who share our journey towards the most brilliant and moving works of universal artistic and documentary heritage.

«Vox audita perit, littera scripta manet»

“The spoken word vanishes; the written word remains.” This is what we try to convey with all our editions.


Our works are reproduced with absolute perfection compared to the original.


In addition, they pass the most demanding quality tests and are accompanied by an explanatory book-study.