The sond of my Cid

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Alberto Montaner Frutos, Hispanic philologist, historian and Arabist, specialised in medieval literature and history and Cidian studies, has been the moderniser and consultant for this unique work of Spanish-language literature, Song of the Cid.

An epic poem that recounts the heroic exploits of the noble Rodrigo Díaz Vivar, “El Cid Campeador”, it is the leading narrative work of the 12th century written in the Spanish language.

Jorge Perellón is the artist who has created the illustrations.


Leaving Burgos
Leaving Castejón
The charge of Pedro Bermúdez
Eat, my earl
The weddings
Admiring Valencia from the tower
The meeting
The scaffold
The affront
El Cid leads the lion
Insult in Robledo
The court
The jousts
Map of the Song of the Cid
More than hundred illustrations and fifteen original engravings and embossed seals.

Various techniques have been used to make the plates: etching, aquatint, mezzotint and soft ground.

Hand-stamped using an etching press.

Printed on 240 gm Rigoletto paper; the engravings use 350 gm Rigoletto paper.

Unique edition numbered and authenticated by notarial act.

All of the engravings are numbered and signed by the artist.