Females nudes

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Female nudes is a series of poetic fragments that offer a different approach to one of the eternal themes of art: Female nudes.

A discreet approach, but one that does not beat about the bush either, through a few lines.

Female-based inspiration, in the form of short quotes from the literary greats and drawing heavily from engravings, with subtle traces of light and very little in the way of background noise. With no song or dance, this is beauty at its most pure.
Highly renowned artist Jorge Perellón combines two processes and two materials in his technique: dry-point to draw lines on methacrylate plates and aquatint for the background textures on zinc plates.

These double-plate etchings are stamped with craftsmanship and precision on a rolling press.

All of the etchings are numbered and signed by the artist.

Folded dimension: 37 x 28.5 cm.

The text is printed on 220 g pearl Conqueror paper and the etchings are printed on 260 g ivory grava-art paper.

The whole piece is presented in a special case.

Unique edition numbered and authenticated by notarial act.