Leonardo Da Vinci

In our imagination, no other historic period is more evocative than the Renaissance, and no person of their time is more fascinating than Leonardo da Vinci. His ebullient, heterodox or, to say the least, unconventional personality, his thirst for knowledge, discovery, life, invention and going one step further make him the archetypal Renaissance man.

Millennium Liber joins the events that commemorate the Fifth Centenary of the death of the Tuscan Genius with a collection of especially exquisite prints that combine the attractive pieces of plastic art by the Cuban artist Felipe Alarcón Echenique, inspired by the passionate life and sublime work of Leonardo, with fragments selected from his own writings. All the above is accompanied by a study book written by Doctor Miguel Fernando Gómez Vozmediano, Professor of Modern History at Universidad Carlos III of Madrid. El Mono de la Tinta was the workshop entrusted with the print run, producing a series of beautiful originals in the universal language of printing.

The result of this synergy is a pleasure for the senses, recreating to perfection the micro-cosmos of da Vinci. Our effort aims to pay a heartfelt tribute to such a versatile and sublime artist, considered a universal icon of the arts and sciences.

Original prints by the artist Felipe Alarcón Echenique.

Texts by Miguel Fernando Gómez Vozmediano.

The collection is made up of ten prints.

The prints use an 8–color rotogravure printing process on Zerkall Artrag 300 g. paper.

The texts are printed on Zerkall Intaglio 150 g. paper.

The collection is presented in an elegant case.

After the rotogravure, each print is signed individually and then numbered by the artist.

Unique edition numbered and authenticated by notarial act.