Antoni Gaudí's Creative Universe
Architect and worldly man, Gaudí was ahead of his time and to this day, still surprises and teaches us concepts within the different areas of knowledge.

Gaudí was born in 1852 and, perhaps it is by coincidence that another worldly character, Leonardo da Vinci, was born in 1452, exactly 400 years before. These are two artists who coincided in the essential statements of their interests and motivations.

Gaudí was a withdrawn, solitary genius, entirely devoted to his work and immersed in his world of imagination and fantasy.

We dive into the works of one of the leading figures of architecture and universal art, Antonio Gaudí Cornet (1852-1926), in a unique way. We are guided by Cuban artist, Aurelio Milera Fernández Aragoneses, who presents very little-known details of Gaudí’s ingenuity in each chapter of this work. At the same time, this ingenuity is described in a scientific way by the researcher of Gaudí's work, Luís Gueilburt Talmazán, a sculptor who has dedicated a considerable portion of his life to studying this great artist.

This work quite rightly positions Antoni Gaudí as an artist and as a scientist, a unique and incomparable character, and helps us understand the importance of the inseparable conjunction between art and science.

In order to understand this conjunction, several chapters have been dedicated to the relationship between the artist and his materials,

Gaudí and water
Gaudí and fire, energy and fusion
Gaudí and the land. Clays, ceramics and bricks
Gaudí and minerals, stones, their shapes and stereotomy
Gaudí and air, gases and fluids
Gaudí and the house. Structure, decoration, ventilation and heating
Gaudí, iron and other metals. The arts and sciences
Gaudí and the scales. Working and calculation methods, measurements and proportions
Gaudí and the veins, fibres and knots of wood: a new way of understanding woodwork
Gaudí and light. Colour Composition

The edition of engravings, specially cared for, are the work of Cuban artist, Aurelio Milera Fernández Aragoneses, inspired by the works of Antoni Gaudí. The texts were written by Luis Gueilburt Talmazán, who has included selected fragments of Antoni Gaudí's own writings.

In short, we have researched and produced an important work for understanding and comprehending the genius that is GAUDÍ.

Original prints by the artist Aurelio Milera Fernández Aragoneses.

Texts by Luis Gueilburt Talmazan.

The collection is made up of ten prints.

The engravings are stamped on 100% cotton heavyweight paper with roughened edges on all four sides and cut by hand.

The texts are printed on cotton paper.

The collection is presented in an elegant case.

After the rotogravure, each print is signed individually and then numbered by the artist.

Unique edition numbered and authenticated by notarial act.