Domenico Ghirlandaio

Domenico Ghirlandaio, Renaissance painter, was one of the most famous and renowned artists of his time. He developed his trade in Tuscany, particularly in Florence during the Quattrocento, and possibly in the House of the Medici.

His style is characterized by the delicacy and elegance in his portraits, with a beauty that captures and enraptures.

The feminine universe as seen by this artist serves to reflect on the condition of women in Renaissance society, to understand their situation, their education, their social life and their personal space.

Most of the portraits belong to the frescoes of the Tornabuoni chapel in Santa Maria Novella church in Florence, and it is precisely the women of this family who appear in the difference scenes.

Among the women portrayed by Ghirlandaio and reinterpreted by artist Elena Poblete are Lucrecia de Medici, Giovanna Tornabuoni and Clarisa Orcini, among others.

Artist Elena Poblete is the creator of the texts and engravings in which she has captured his technique and details, thanks to which we have been able to offer you this spectacular work. El Mono de la Tinta was entrusted with the print run, producing a series of beautiful originals in the universal language of engraving.

Original prints and Texts by the artist Elena Poblete.

The collection is made up of ten prints.

The engravings are stamped on 100% cotton heavyweight paper with roughened edges on all four sides and cut by hand.

The texts are printed on cotton paper.

Presented in an elegant case finished in silk.

The engravings, once printed, are signed individually by the artist and subsequently intervened by her.

Unique edition numbered and authenticated by notarial act.