The Guitard Isarn Grievance

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These are a legal document: It is a brief of the transgressions of feudal rights. In this document, Guitard Isarn, lord of Caboet, demands reparation of affronts and harm inflicted upon him by his vassals.

The manuscript has been dated between 1080 and 1095 from the people who are mentioned in it and the historic information contained in documentation from the late 11th century at the collegiate church of Organyà.

When Joaquim Miret i Sans published this manuscript for the first time in 1908, he indicated that it might by the oldest non-literary Catalan text known to date.

Manuscript preserved in the Library of Catalonia with the signature 1910 Pergam (4-III-4).

Parchment manuscript, 53 x 10 cm.

Presented in an elegant case.