Letters Patent of Nobility

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In addition to being beautiful documents, the ‘Ejecutorias de Hidalguía’ also offer important social and legal insights into the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries. The letters’ importance is evidenced by the sumptuousness of the documentary support, their iconographic and symbolic richness, as well as by their statutory meaning, when legally accrediting the belonging to a certain noble lineage.

These are authentic works of art, which have been stored over the past centuries in noble archives, public museums, libraries and private collections.

Generally speaking, such documents are usually visually attractive and legally binding. They were designed to be seen, read and heard, to the point that they were proudly displayed by their owners before the town councils to accredit their privileges and before their neighbours to publicly acknowledge the importance of their lineage, and to be examined for their plasticity.

From the 19th century, the letters’ legal value was overshadowed by their artistic value and their collector's dimension was magnified, ultimately converting them into a piece of great value for collectors.

In short, the ‘Ejecutorias de Hidalguía’ are a gift for the senses, since the dialogue established between the manuscript and the reader evokes a fascinating past in which the airs and graces of greatness, prestige, fame and power were woven together to offer us a whole prodigy of art, history and desire for perpetuity through writing.

The result is a series of codices designed to last and produced in a meticulous, handcrafted way, to be admired, which immerse us in the world of noblemen of all kinds who dreamed of being the elite of the Spanish Golden Age.

Originals from the 14th to 19th centuries, preserved in Public Institutions, private foundations and private collections.

With the maximum quality, the work reproduces the miniature pages of the letters, its approximate measurements being 210 x 335 mm.

On special aged parchment paper.

Diplomatic, historical, legal, artistic and literary study volume.

Presented in an elegant case.

Single print run of 995 copies, numbered and authenticated in a notarized document.