We live in a time in which Values – virtues of the soul – seem to have evaporated into a maelstrom of excessive ambition, extreme competitiveness and feverish egotism.

In a symbolic way with this book, using selected phrases and etchings by the artist Jorge Perellón, we simply seek to highlight some of these Values, and hope – who knows – to clear the mists, to bring about a rethink and to try not to allow ourselves to forget these treasures that make human behaviour better.

These are not all of them – not by any means – but our work will continue.

For this work, Jorge Perellón has made 10 chalcographic engraving plates using the techniques of etching and aquatint. A Value selected by the editors is represented on each plate.

The printing, coloured and handcrafted, has been done on a rolling press in the artist’s workshop using the a la poupée technique which consists in applying different colours, with great precision, on to the same plate.

On 260 g ivory grava-art paper measuring 37 x 28 cm.

The text is on 220 g pearl Conqueror paper.

The WORK has a run of 75 copies, numbered and certified by notarial record, that includes 60 copies with Roman numerals (from 1 to 60), and the remaining 15 copies signed as artist’s proofs (AP).