Beatus / Apocalypse

Beatus of Liébana “Navarra Codex”

This edition is the pinnacle of a series of publications over the years on the commentary on the Apocalypse written by Beatus of Liébana in the 8th century. This version of the key text, created in Navarre in the 11th century, is the perfect end to an ambitious project: to bring within the reach of the public, in general, and of specialists in ancient books, in particular, the final testament that completes the corpus of the Hispanic illustrated manuscripts of this work.



Beatus of Liébana “Berlin Codex”

Dating back to the early 12th century and probably compiled in Italy, this codex is one of the lesser known testimonies of this type. In its time, the manuscript belonged to the collection of Carlo Morbio of Milan, and it consists of 98 folios with 55 feather-pen drawings enriched with pigments of red, ochre and yellow hues.


Apocalypse of Paris

The Bible’s last book has been a controversial work since the early centuries of Christianity.

It is particularly interesting to compare Beatus’ creation with this work, which has similar features as regards general layout but was produced in a different cultural environment, for geographical, artistic and chronological reasons.